Providing the latest soft play equipment features to enhance the play experience

Super slides, bouncy ball pools, rope bridges, ball shooters…. you name it, we’ll install it! See below for the range of indoor play centre equipment we can include or add to any play structure. These features are great for making the most of the space you have, as well as providing the best possible play experience for your little visitors.

Slides & Tubes

Slides are the most distinctive feature of any play area and often serve as a focal point. Our designers aim to build in a trademark slide to all of our areas, whether it be a simple, soft play slippery slope in the toddlers area, a multi-lane wavy slide, or a 720 degree spiral slide from 6 metres up! Made from British glass fibre or plastic, we use the most appropriate material for the biggest whoosh!

Obstacles & Soft Shapes

We offer a wide range of children’s soft play equipment to supplement an existing area or become a key feature of a new design. We provide a multitude of ideas and themes for all soft play items like balance beams, climb over humps, dizzy discs and see-saws – the possibilities are endless!

Ball pools, Netting & Vinyl

Playzest is always on hand to provide a fast and efficient delivery service on all your ball pool, netting and vinyl needs, to complete that vital day to day soft play structure maintenance. Our cleaning and maintenance team is just a phone call away to address any repair or cleaning challenges you don’t wish to tackle yourself.

Ball Blasters & Volcanoes

The ball blasters & volcanoes have been designed so that all the working parts are neatly enclosed within the main body of the unit. Foam balls are fed continuously through the plastic inlet. Aim the blaster in any direction using the disc handle/switch. The constant air flow is controlled by a timer box activated by the touch switch handle.

Rope Works

Climbing up and down or just passing through. Cargo nets, spiders webs, webbing decks and crawls, v net bridges and webbing tube crawls, all have a place in any structure and add to the adventurous, tactile feel of the play area. We work with softer rope materials that are sensitive on little feet.

Climbing Walls & Zip Wires

Climbing walls offer a real sense of adventure not to mention the feeling of achievement when you reach the top!

Glide back down to terra firma on one of our zip wires to complete the ultimate soft play height challenge.

Interactive Floor Projections & Screens

To enhance your play area, we can offer interactive floor projections, motion activated sound & lighting effects and touch screen technology tailor made to your requirements.

Artwork & Murals

To add the finishing touch, our graphics design team can produce eye catching and striking artwork to complete your play area project.

Whether you are considering a new and unique play area, or wish to enhance an existing play area by adding extra features, we can help.

Contact us today on (+44) 01273 476 931 to discuss your ideas.

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