Why you need the joyride of soft play supplies?

Are you looking for the right combination of soft play equipment? The right combinations of soft play supplies can always cheer up your kids. It’s the time when manufacturers are providing a lot of options and rides. The play equipment manufacturers target various segments based on the different age groups of kids. Now, one can get multiple soft play supplies for their playgrounds. However, they must get the right selection. And for that, one needs professional playground consultants.

The world has moved from personal entertainment to family entertainment and hence play supplies for various age groups have become extremely relevant. Soft plays provide a more amicable option to kids and family members.

Why should you choose soft play supplies for your kids?

  • Soft play supplies are risk-free. They provide injury-free playtime.
  • The various constraints of outdoor playing activities are not present here with soft play items. 
  • It is a win-win situation for both parents, and their kids as soft play items provide opportunities for indoor activities. They ensure safety and security.

The Best Soft Play Supplies for You

Your play area must be built, keeping in mind the target age group of kids that you plan to cater to. The best part about this is that it can be customized and divided based on the various age groups. The multiple play areas and the associated supplies are:

Small Play Grounds

  • When the area is 500 square feet or less can be characterized as a small playground 
  • The play supplies that can be added in these areas are ball pools, slides, wall games, mini trampolines, rockers, and so on.
  • The play areas can vary depending upon the places. It can be in schools, hospitals, offices, crèches etc.

 Mid-sized Play Grounds

  • Any play area having a size larger than 500 square feet up to about 1500 sq feet can be considered mid-sized playgrounds. They can be divided into two sections. One for the toddlers and one for kids.
  • The toddler’s section is basically for children aged 2-4 years. The area consists of soft toys, rockers, soft blocks, soft slides etc. The section should be kept safe, especially keeping in mind the security of toddlers.
  • Kid’s zone has kids playing from an age range of 4-12 years. The section consists of movement-based play, and hence the supplies are different.
  • The soft play equipment for the common play areas includes a maze, trampoline, ninja course, slides and ball pool, spider tower,  wall climbers, toddler play, electric soft toys, interactive arena, rockers and so on.

Large play areas 

  • The larger play areas are usually for spaces greater than 1500 square feet. Family entertainment centres can be set up in spaces ranging from 3000-5000 square feet.
  • These sections obviously can be further multi-layered. They can have the toddler section, the kid’s zone and the adult recreation centre.
  • The supplies in the adult section can be trampolines, fitness equipment, and so on.
  • The interactive play equipment, volcano slides, trampolines, ninja course, rock climbing, ball blasters, rope climbing, obstacle crossing, soft toys and the classic slides are usually excellent additions to the extensive play zones.

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