Top Reasons Child Specialists Insist on Kids Playing in Soft Play Areas?

The soft play areas refer to play arenas meant for children to play safely and get entertained. They often form a part of the family entertainment centres. They offer an adventurous play experience to children of different age groups. They are built with the implementation of strategic designs and innovative technology to maximise the fun quotient for the kids. The soft play items tend to exercise the child’s mental aptitude and drive his/her intelligence quotient to a great extent. Here is an attempt to explore the top reasons how playing in soft play arenas induce the mindset of children.

How Soft Play Helps in Mental Development of a Child?

  1. Children tend to learn most of the things through their senses at the age of 0-2 years. That’s why it is referred to as the sensory-motor stage. Soft toys help, to a great extent, to induce their senses. Thus, playing with soft toys help them to explore newer horizons in the following ways,

a) As the soft toys come in various colours, so they seem to be very attractive before the curious eyes of the child. They open up the world of colours to them.

b)   As the soft toys are very soft and delicate touch, so the child develops an instinct towards soft feel.

2. Soft toys promote cognitive development of the child in the following way,

a)  The soft play areas bear options of both structural and free play items. So, the kid gets the opportunity to utilize both intellect and imagination while playing. There are the soft building blocks which aid the child to engineer a unique world that rests on their intuitive and imaginative abilities.

3. Setting up a harmless play environment

a) It is the underlying tendency of every child to chew everything they can access. Every toy in the soft toy area is made of non-toxic material and so never tends to be harmful to the child’s well being.

b) The soft toys immensely help in physical, psychological, emotional, and social growth.

c) They encourage the child to indulge in movements. There are various options in the play areas to get involved in different activities like running, jumping, climbing, and sliding, and so on. Hence, it helps them to stay physically fit and healthy.

4. Improvement in different skills in the child

a) The active play environment benefits the child in various ways. It enhances their attentiveness and concentration. It also develops their motor skills. They also get first-hand learning on coordination and cooperation in playing mode.

5. Multiple play options to indulge in

a) There are not just multiple options among play items, but there are also various levels in each game. This is one factor that enhances the excitement of the children. There is no limit to their happiness as they participate in a multitude of activities like climbing walls, rope bridges, slides, ball pools, net climbers, crawl tubes, and several others.

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