Why is it Good to Have Play Area in the Shopping Centres?

In this increasingly ‘more is more’ era, shopping centres are meant to offer something more than a simple shopping experience. Shopping centres are continuing to be innovative and are focusing on reinventing their old format. They have become the town centres of the community offering amenities that are incredible extensions of a customers life. This is the way the developers of shopping centres are creating their loyalty with the customers through shopping centre play area. Apart from pop-up stores and food courts, children’s play areas are also getting added to ensure better food and amusement offerings. In fact these play areas within children’s precinct are becoming optimally important and the centre of attraction during redevelopments. These areas are the key draw cards for the families as well as mothers groups and carers.

Here are some benefits of implementing a play area in the shopping mall.

  • Better customer experience – More than 70 percent of shoppers believe that children’s play areas influence their decision greatly regarding where to shop. On the other hand, more than 90 percent of the shoppers state that having facilities for entertainment of their children while they are shopping is extremely vital to them. Centres with playing facilities are considered to be child-friendly and family focused. It also ensures true care for the shoppers, having this facility improves customer experience by engaging them more to shop.


  • Higher traffic – Families use their promise of visiting the play area as motivation to go the centres more frequently while allowing them to spend more time running errands with their kids. Shopping centre play area is absolutely safe and secure for the children and this gives families absolute peace of mind to let their children play. It is a less expensive option to entertain children while letting their mothers shop peacefully, irrespective of the weather which is why centres with play areas are often visited by parents. They prefer this facility over other available options, the retail spaces have experienced many changes over the last couple of years with a significant increase in the volume of online shopping. In order to compete with the digital world of shopping, brick-n-mortar shopping centres need to address their customers needs while keeping them engaged. So offering play facilities is the most effective option to transform a shopping centre from just a place to shop to a must-visit shopping destination. Happy families are happy shoppers and proper execution of this concept benefits the store owners by means of enhanced staying time, increased sales figures and more growth.


  • Improved sales – The location of a play facility can significantly boost sales of the nearby retailers. That is the reason children’s play areas are constructed near children’s stores as well as food and beverage retailers. Having a proper play facility for the children next to the food court provides the parents an ideal spot to sit, eat, hangout and relax while keeping a watch on their children. It also helps children get socialised, release energy and have great time with other children.