Maintain the Safety of Your Playground with a Few Cool Tips

One of the main reasons why the equipment in a playground is more prone to weakening is because they are open to changing climatic conditions and used almost on a regular basis. This is why you need to hire experienced professionals who will inspect their condition on a regular basis and ensure their safety as the playground is generally used by kids. In fact the easiest way to ensure the freshness and liveliness of the playground for years to come is with periodic maintenance services and a bit of repair when necessary.


5 Vital Things to Consider When Maintaining a Playground

  • Slippery Equipment

Since kids love enjoying the playground throughout the year, the chances of slippage enhance drastically during the rainy season. There are even a few situations when the surfaces of the equipment become slippery or damaged due to the presence of oil or water for a prolonged period of time. Since slipping from this equipment can cause great injuries, every step should be taken to avoid such situations.

  • Rusted Equipment

Since a majority of the equipment installed in a playground are made of metal which makes them sturdier, they are quite prone to rust. This equipment is exposed to moisture and heavy rain throughout the year and so the quality of the metal parts start deteriorating with the passage of time. Rust develops and finally the whole equipment damages, this is why you need to inspect each metal component for points and sharp edges to keep away injury hazards.

  • Broken Or Damaged Parts

There is a tendency among kids to stay free and without any worry while they are enjoying their time in the playground. It is the responsibility of the people taking care of the space to ensure that the play equipment has no disjointed edge or broken part which can compromise the safety of the kids in the long run and hurt them.

  • Gaps Or Dangerous Openings

Some of the play equipment are made of more than one part, though this is nothing to worry about, you need to ensure that the gap or opening between the parts is not more than the required size as it can sacrifice the safety of the children using it. Not everyone is aware of the fact that the gaps can also widen and cause accidents if the soft play installed in the playground is used frequently or on a daily basis.

  • Age-Appropriate Items

A safe playground is the one where the activities and equipment are separated according to the age group of the people who can use it. If toddlers and preschoolers are using the same playground, it should have separate areas and a supervisor guiding them. The equipment made for toddlers should have a soft texture and comprise of safety buckles.


Since you are now aware of the vital points you need to consider when maintaining a playground, it’s advisable to follow these or approach professionals who will make the task easier for you.